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Sailcut8 was originally written by Robert Lainé and is now supported by the junk rig community through the members of the Yahoo! Junkrig Group:

Robert is now concentrating on developing Sailcut which is a cross-platform sail design package for either 4 sided sails like for an old timer gaff rig or 3 sided sails like jibs or main sails for a Marconi rig. His new Sailcut does not design junk rig sails. See:

Sailcut8 lets you design the geometry of a junk rig sail that will be made from separate horizontal panels where the sail can have a user-specified amount and position of built-in camber. Sailcut8 produces lofting specifications for the separate panels.

Sailcut8 automates the ideas of Arne Kverneland as described in:

You can download a Windows installable version of Sailcut8 from the 'Downloads' section of this web-site. You will need to unzip the file into a temporary folder and execute the setup.exe file in that folder.

See also: for more information about downloading Sailcut8.

Note: there is no documentation available at this time - you will have to experiment with the controls to see how it works.

Sailcut8 is written in Visual Basic 6 and only runs on MS Windows computers. You will need a VB6 development environment (Visual Studio) if you want to modify the source.


In a Nutshell, sailcut8...


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Apr 10 2016 — May 10 2016

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May 10 2015 — May 10 2016



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