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Posted 1 day ago by Phil Hill
By Phil HillMore Posts (477) This is the ninth year I have shared the LMS market share graphic, commonly known as the squid graphic, for US and Canadian higher education. The original idea remains – to give a picture of the … Continue reading → The ... [More] post State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Spring 2017 Edition appeared first on e-Literate. [Less]
Posted 1 day ago by Phil Hill
By Phil HillMore Posts (477) Barnes & Noble Education (BNED) announced today that they have a deal with Unizin to provide predictive analytics services through the LoudSight platform to the consortium’s member universities. As covered by Inside ... [More] Higher Ed: BNED, … Continue reading → The post Barnes & Noble Education’s Predictive Analytics Deal With Unizin appeared first on e-Literate. [Less]
Posted 1 day ago by Nancy O'Laughlin
There have been several inquiries by faculty wishing to move their current Sakai course to the Canvas Learning Management System. The following guide has been prepared to help those interested in making this transition. At any time, if you have ... [More] questions or need additional assistance, please contact ATS, 116 Pearson Hall, ats-info@udel.edu, 302-831-0640. Sakai to… Continue reading → [Less]
Posted 1 day ago by Charles Severance
Note: This is only my own personal opinion. It does not reflect the opinion of any of the organizations I work for or work with. I am often asked why the University of Michigan and other schools that founded Sakai and built it for over ten years have left Sakai and moved to Canvas as […]
Posted 5 days ago by Ian
The board design went off to PCBWay via web browser and 5 days later 5 boards arrived by DHL from China. The whole process was unbelievably smooth. This was the first time I had ordered boards using the output of KiCad so I was impressed with both KiCad and PCBWay. The boards were simple, being […]
Posted 5 days ago by Fawei Geng
It  is the second half of Trinity term.  If you still have not managed to attend WebLearn and/or Turniitin courses,  book a place now to avoid disappointment. Places are limited and bookings are required.  All courses are free of charge.  … Continue reading →
Posted 7 days ago by Michael Feldstein
By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1103) A few weeks ago, I recommended an EdSurge piece by the Clayton Christensen Institute’s Julia Freeland Fisher. It featured this graph of refrigerator vs. washing machine diffusion: I saw this same image featured ... [More] last week in … Continue reading → The post Recommended Reading: With or Without EdTech appeared first on e-Literate. [Less]
Posted 7 days ago by Charles Severance
This is another one of those blog posts where someone asked me a question and I wrote an essay as my answer. I figured others might find it interesting so I reproduce it here. The question was also asked of my colleague Colleen van Lent so in my response, I talked about our collective approach. […]
Posted 9 days ago by NealC
(posted on behalf of Matt Clare, Brock University, Chair of Sakai Accessibility Working Group)   Thursday, May 18 2017 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.   Sakai should have a positive impact on all who encounter it, a key part of this goal ... [More] is how accessible Sakai is.   Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) and part of GAAD is building awareness of what we all can do to promote access for, and inclusion of, people with different abilities.   Sakai has a good history of accessibility but recent versions of Sakai have not been released with a thorough review of the accessibility and to what degree it meets recognized international standard like the WCAG 2.  I’m pleased to share that thanks to community efforts in fundraising over $61,000 and 60 hours of development work Sakai’s accessibility has been reviewed by a recognized accessibility reviewer, SSB Bart, and our plans are to deliver Sakai 12 with an accessibility compliance statement.   [Less]
Posted 9 days ago by Adam Marshall
Today (18/5/17) is the sixth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). “The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile, etc.) access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.”  (http://globalaccessibilityawarenessday.org/.)” To celebrate this, Matt Clare … Continue reading →