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What It IsScripts For Windows Shells is a growing collection of scripts and batch files that run from the Windows command line (Windows console) using one of several possible shells, such as JPSoft's 4NT or TCC, Microsoft's CMD, etc.

CompatibilityUnless otherwise noted, these files were tested on and are compatible with version 8.02 and newer versions of 4NT. TCC is version 9.0 of 4NT. 4NT/TCC are supersets of CMD, thus they can run a CMD batch file while the converse is not always true.

InstallationNo installation is necessary, simply download and copy each script into a corresponding batch file (.btm or .bat), then run the batch file from the 4NT/TCC/CMD shell prompt.

ContributionsContributions to this project are encouraged. Please review here the liberal terms of this project New BSD License. Further information can be found in (1), and in (2).

(1) Overview of New BSD License, (2) Overview of the eight license types that are permitted on Google Code Project Hosting,


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