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Based on the fast development in e-commerce industry, almost every company would like to provide a web-based system for their online services without creating functions in scratch. Moreover, along with the evolution of Web Services and Business Intelligence, a manageable, maintainable, extensible and even intelligent platform is very valuable for these kind of companies especially small-medium units.

SemanticECom is a common platform for B2C and B2B e-commerce system based on Java EE architecture. It adopts advanced SOA concept to satisfy non-functional system requirements for current and later time. Because of the benefits from open source, we would like to choose JBoss as the application server and MySQL as the database. The application framework will be implemented by JSFs + Spring + Hibernate in default (it’s easy to alter the framework if you like).

In initial phase, it will provide several valuable functions such as online shopping, inventory administration and supply management. Among subsystems of this platform, some of them has semantic web services capability. For instance, via the supply management function, website administrator can search services in UDDI registry from service provider (supply company) and define the appropriate rules for particular service. After that, all of processes during the supplyment for inventory is completed intelligently by system itself. This means all interactive functions in this system can be configured in semantic formulas so that the system could complete partial interactions by predefined regulation.

As the nature of Java EE architecture is well done, this system share all advantages such as multi-tiered, component-based, and platform-independent. According to these reasons, I believe SemanticECom will become a valuable and ideal e-commerce platform for small-medium companies and large in the future.


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