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sf-active is a semi-retired, mysql-based fork of the active project.

The active code was a multimedia, open publishing website for the n30-WTO protest in Seattle 1999.

From an open hacklab in a downtown storefront, people posted real-time web updates (txt/img/video/etc) as huge protest crowds disrupted the WTO and scrapped with riot police, tear gas & stun grenades.

The non-stop stream of info from indymedia that day made CNN seem old & slow. The concept quickly spread to over 170 world cities.

The IMC Network was probably the first large-scale web2/social tech that rapidly expanded and repeatedly impacted the real world in new ways.

The sf-active cms runs a couple dozen local IMC sites but it's painfully out-dated.

See cms.indymedia.org to read about plans for nextgen imc code.


citizenjounalist cms creativecommons distributed-network i18n indymedia mediacenter medialibrary mysql open-publishing php

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