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The SharpDetection project is an implementation of simple motion detection algorithms applied to video from a locally attached web camera. The project utilizes some advanced features of the C# language to achieve simple image analysis, which is extended to motion detection algorithms, without overwhelming computer resources, such as the memory and processor.

The provided algorithms are fairly straight-forward and allow other developers to learn how to implement simple image analysis, which can be applied to static images or video.

Overall, the project demonstrates the following:

How to connect to a web camera with the AVICAP32 DLL How to receive single frame images from a web camera How to analyze images from a web camera How to apply motion detection analysis on images And since the project does not utilize any third party libraries, other developers will benefit from learning how to implement simple image analysis and motion detection algorithms.

The project has been created with Microsoft's .NET 2.0 Framework with the C# language.


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