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OverviewSibutu is an open-source light-weight alternative to a portal/portlet container for creating extensible, robust, reusable Java web applications with multi-language and hierarchical multi-site support. The framework has modular structure and uses open-source components (Hibernate 3, Spring, Acegi, Tiles 2, Spring Web Flow and Quartz). Sibutu supports a limited set of portlet capabilities and ability to plug in a different MVC framework for each module (e.g. Struts2 or Tapestry). Each module consists of a separate WAR file and is designed to be logically separated from other modules. It means that each module can be developed and tested separately on any servlet container and then plugged into sibutu kernel at the deployment stage with configuration files' changes only. With Sibutu's multi-site feature you can manage multiple sites with unique layouts within one web application and maintain any domain hierarchy.

Key featuresMulti-WAR and pluggable MVC frameworksSibutu supports different modules to be written using defferent frameworks. Each module is deployed separately in its own WAR file and linked together with an EAR deployment descriptor. Each framework can be easily configured with the simple adapter interface. Currently sibutu provides Struts 2 adapter out of the box.

Multi-languageDB-based translations with flexible translation technics, based upon user defined language, site language and hierarchy. Sibutu also provides web interface for third-party translators.

Multi-siteEasily extend layouts and presentations for different sites, placing UI elements in a separate WAR.

Portlet 2.0 supportSibutu supports a limited set of upcoming portlet 2.0 spec features:

Namespacing, portlet parameters isolation Shared session attributes Resource serving Public render parameters Portlet filters Portlet preferences

Seamless portlet 1.0 supportEasily plug-in JSR-168 portlets as modules and configure with a simple adapter interface.

Single sign-on supportSibutu uses Acegi Security and Central Authentication Service to maintain SSO across different domains.

Declarative web flow managementDeclaratively manage web flows, states and URLs with Spring Web Flow. Change flow execution without changing URLs, which is crucial for search engine optimization.

JCR 1.0 supportSibutu provides JCR implementation based on Oracle XML DB.

DownloadsDownload beta version at


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