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Simple CRUD is just simple (there's no complex business rule).

Simple CRUD - CodeIgniterRequirements:Web Server (Apache) PHP MySql Steps to run:extract "Simple CRUD" to your www folder set your base site url at CodeIgniter/system/application/config/config.php set your database connection properties at CodeIgniter/system/application/config/config.php run script at CodeIgniter/docs/ddl_dml.sql that's all... Simple CRUD - SpringMVC & Hibernate3Requirements:Netbeans 6.5 Application Server (e.g. Glassfish) MySql Steps to run:extract "Simple CRUD - SpringMVC and" open project using netbeans resolve missing library by adding below library (available from commons-pool.jar and commons-dbcp.jar run script at project_folder/docs/ddl_dml.sql that's all...


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