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Project Summary

A simple game framework using irrlicht as the rendering engine. Other components like audio, physic can be integrated easily

Key features The framework consists of 2 parts -SGF:The main framework.

-Clean and simple OOP design
-Signal/slot event handling
-Game state system
-Serialization/Deserialization of game states
-SGE:Simple game editor -A library to integrate a built-in editor into your game
-Simple but powerful interface
-The editor can edit all the game-specific parameters such as HP, Mana, weapon...
-Use your game as the editor because no third party software knows your game classes better than the game itself

Third party dependencies/requirement: -Irrlicht -Boost 1.35 and above -Google's protocol buffer -fastsig library -AntTweakBar


editor framework game irrlicht wysiwyg

In a Nutshell, simplegameframework...

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Apr 10 2016 — May 10 2016

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