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I frequently need to participate in international conference calls and find it frustrating to convert timezones when multiple countries/cities are involved, since most of the timezone converters require me to use drop down lists, search for zones etc.

Ideally I wanted a "free form" tool that lets me say "Dec 29 9:30pm pacific to paris,london,amsterdam" and poof it should show it to me.

Also, I wanted a mechanism where I can add "convenient codes" that make sense to me (like, say, "tx" is "CST6CDT", or "rockville" is "America/New_York") so I could keep my own shortcuts.

No program met my requirements, so I wrote my own in perl. This is actually a CGI program which needs to sit behind a local webserver. However, I've also provided a one click binary installer for windows which lets you run it from your desktop (uses the simple shttpd web server)

See Wiki for instructions

See here for source


calculator clock perl time timezone world zone

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