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The projects presents an easier way of creating cool user interfaces. The core technology used is the layered window introduced in Windows 2000. The target is to call as few native methods as possible in order to make (and keep) this project portable (Mono/Linux).

(One may use this to build lighter desktop widgets for slower machines - read EEEPC 701)

To use you must inherit LWSkinableForm in your Form class and create a 32bpp PNG image featuring alpha translucency and set it as the form's background.

In order to draw nice controls on the form you will have to use the extended LW controls provided in the library ( only LWLabel and LWTreeView for the moment)

The project is in pre-alpha phase right now (as of Sept 17, 2008).

The core idea is based on

http://www.codeproject.com/KB/GDI-plus/perpxalpha_sharp.aspx and http://www.codeproject.com/KB/GDI-plus/CsTranspTutorial3.aspx

Goo'ol' style is not dead yet :)


alphachannel form layeredwindow png skin skinable

In a Nutshell, skinableforms...

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