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DescriptionA simple to use C# Snippet Manager (GTK# based),

Uses a SQLite database to store the snippets and sits in the systray. (Also has support to upload snippets to a 'online' repository for sharing\backup)

AboutI started this project when i couldn't find any good already existing snippet managers(Please e-mail me if you find some!). So far i'd like to think this is pretty stable(one known bug).

The following packages are available in the universe repo for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

mono (>= 1.12) gtk-sharp2 (>=2.12.1-1) atm this WILL NOT work under windows, until gtk 2.12 is released for it. (not sure if it works under OSX)
Check out here
You can checkout the latest downloads here (Generally theres a .deb and a source tarball with a makefile)
Alternatively you can grab the latest code via SVN following the instructions here

In a Nutshell, snippetmanagergtk...

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Apr 10 2016 — May 10 2016

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May 10 2015 — May 10 2016


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