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Solfec is a computational code aimed at simulation of multi-body systems with constraints. It implements an instance of the Contact Dynamics method by Moreau and Jean, hence the constraints are handled implicitly. One of the main goals of the software is to provide a user friendly platform for testing formulations and solution methods for the (dynamic) frictional contact problem. It is also meant to serve as a development platform for other aspects of time-stepping methods (e.g. contact detection, time integration). The code implements several kinematic models (e.g. rigid, pseudo-rigid, finite element), few contact detection algorithms, several time integrators and a couple of constraint solvers. Solfec employs MPI and Zoltan in order to run in parallel. It exploits Python in order to interpret input files. Solfec theory manual can be found here.

Solfec is fully functional, although not necessarily stable or efficient yet. The beta development will continue until the end of 2011. While some numbered archives will be released with time, we encourage downloading the code directly from the repository.

This project is a part of research at the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Glasgow. We would like to thank British Energy for the support of this project.


contact dynamics finite-element friction multi-body non-smooth pseudo-rigid rigid

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