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Source Code Mania It is an interactive warehouse of programming source code and tricks. A tool to learn watching peaces of code or to simply store our code and keep it for future work. It is interactive since it doesn't only allow to consult the available code/tricks until the moment, but rather, also, it allows the users to incorporate his own. A place to search solutions to our work , a place to store and organize our source code (funcitons , procedures, classes, and more) and when needed ,search a posible solution here copy , paste modify and use. Will be available to store code of: Delphi , Visual Basic, Java , C++ , PHP, Python and more, with a syntax highlated colored editor.

The project mission is create a tool to help us the programmer to keep or source code organized in section acording to categories , like databse , file system ,gui, etc ... thinking in future works

why to code again something that was coded???? add it to Source Code Mania(SCM) database and in the future , before code something search if it is something helpfull in the SCM database and dont lose a preciated time thinking how search it first ;-)

this is the mission , help us to have more time

sorry by my english !!!!


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