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Space Bomber is going to be a demo-game for xith3d or odejava newby's. The idea to create such a game came across one day when Alonzo (one of the participents) had the idea of making a game together with other people who also don't know very much about xith3D, so they all can do the stuff they know, have fun making the game and also learn the parts they didn't know before, without having long days of reading the API's.
We decided that we want to make a sort of Bomberman in Space and 3D. Odejava is supposed to handle collisions and the movements. Xith3D is supposed to be used as the renderer. In the game you should be able to throw bombs which, because of the physics, move along with the player until the player starts adding force to his spaceship. So this game will need very much skill to make the bombs do what you want, but it will also work for not very experienced user, who just throw bombs now and then.
We've discussed also the variation of the bombs doing no dammage at all to the ships, so you only get damage by colliding to walls, or with other players. The bombs give you then only some extra speed burst that makes you crash against walls if you're not careful.
To see the newest state of the discussion go to http://magicspark.org/~willadv/xith/index.php . Please note, that this forum is probably only temporary.



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