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3D Spaceship racing Arcade developed in C#.

Beta 1 now availableBeta I now available for download

Requirements Hardware 3D card supporting Shader Model 3 2GHz or better CPU 1GB RAM Recommended (mandatory for more than one player) : Xbox 360 controller pad Software Windows XP SP2 .NET Framework 2.0 or better DirectX 9.0c (June 2008 update) Update (roughly 5 mbytes, needs Windows Validation) Full (75Mbytes, does not need Windows Validation) OpenAL Drivers probably needed (couldn't test properly) Download Creative link, don't know if it works on other brands.

Known bugs In-game language is in spanish only Volume controls in options don't work at all Records and Credits screens don't work at all After finishing a race, the controller pad keeps its last vibration value until quitting the game or starting a new race Notes For file size reasons, only one music track is included How to play - Quick guide First create a profile, setting a name, ship model, and ship parameters. Do it for every player that will play. Start a new race. Select a track, number of laps, and number of players. Select the profile each player will use. Play Rules The first to finish the specified number of laps is the winner. Accelerate with the Right Trigger , Brake with the Left Trigger Turn with the Left Stick Red blocks brake your ship temporally Green arrows improve a little your ship's acceleration and max speed for a little time Yellow arrows vastly improve your ship's acceleration and max speed Each ship leaves a colored trail in the cells it touches. Other ships following this trail for some time will receive a stats increase. This trail lasts 30 seconds until it disappears. Ship attributes Speed : Max speed the ship will achieve without boosts / penalties (Values 8 to 10) Handling : Affects acceleration / braking and turn speed (More or less to 50% to 100%) Pursuit : Improves the boost obtained for following other ships' trail (from 25% to 75%)


c direct3d directx game race space spaceship

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