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The role of this system will be to be the planning device and primary management aid for event planners and others who need to organize small to large scale gatherings. These types of events range from a small birthday party or a school dance but can grow as large as a state fair or large fundraising event. Some of the issues that these organizers encounter include resource management, personnel management, schedule management and the event topography. Mixing all these elements together and keeping track of all the details usually takes an extremely organized person who carries all of this information in notebooks, folders and in their head. What this piece of software will do is make that type of planning much simpler and easier to handle. Primarily, the system will allow the user to create a virtual environment for the event. This would include a floorplan and the individual elements, such as tables and presentation spaces, that the user could use to replicate the event space. Not only can the event space be modeled but also the different states of the event at different time periods, allowing the user to track the changes of the event depending on the time. The system will also have an address book and resources management function that will allow will obviously allow basic book keeping. The kicker ends up being that this data would be tied into the virtual event space, so that by simply querying an element, like a booth, in the event space, the user could learn who is associated with the space, the resources the are using, the time they occupy the space, the actions they are performing there, etc. With this type of information, planning an event and then using the planner as a minute-by-minute management device would improve event organization and time management.


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