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Project Summary

The aim of the Squale - Software QUALity Enhancement - project is to provide models and associated tools to assess software quality and help improving it over time.

The project will deliver models and tools that:
- know how to aggregate raw quality information (like metrics for instance) - given by third party technologies, into high level factors,
- offer dashboards which present those factors and allow to dig deeply into the code quality,
- show the evolution of the quality over time,
- and give economical indicators about the return of investment of quality efforts.

Squale will not be restricted to Java software, but will target other platforms like C/C++, .NET, PHP, Cobol, ...


c c++ code_analysis code_quality dashboard java metrics qa qualimetry quality quality_assurance

In a Nutshell, Squale (Software QUALity Enhancement)...

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