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This simple project aims to build RPM .spec files for the Squeak and EToys projects (squeak.org, squeakvm.org, and squeakland.org) that are acceptable for inclusion in both the Fedora project and the OLPC project.

This project is based on spec files from OLPC and the GEMI projects. What we have now produces valid and working packages for Fedora 7 & 9, but the spec files are not "Fedora ready" yet. There is a TODO file in the source tree that lists the things I think/know need to be done before this is ready for Fedora.

To use this project you must be on an RPM based Linux distribution. I've only tested Fedora 7 and 9, but other RPM based distros will probably work.

You can svn checkout the source for this project (which consists of spec files, patch files, and a make file that ties everything together). Just running "make" will download the Squeak and EToys "source", and compile and package it into RPMS. See the Makefile for more options.

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In a Nutshell, squeak-fedora...

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