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Semi_Deus says:
Star Trek Guide Community  
written over 10 years ago

This is one of the best sites for phpBB Olympus programming support. Created by 2 brothers, who are also active contributors to the official phpBB project. With a whole team, we are providing support on modifications, styles, development, and general questions. The community feeling is very much present, and you feel at home right away. No user is forgotten, and every one of them is as much a contributor the site as the staff is. It is a clean environment, with rules set up for users with every age, young old, non-coder and pro-coder. Everyone is welcome. This makes it one of the best communities around!

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...owerdude says:
Forum::Site founder and owener  
written about 8 years ago

I just downloaded the phpBB3 for the use on our forum and it realy works I was able to change the whole looks of the site with this new version ...best thange I ever did....a big thanks to the devlopers....check it out


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