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Store Machinehttp://www.storemachine.comOur vision is simple:Develop and maintain a secure, reliable and efficient e-commerce package that will always be free, and not filled with ads. We encourage user modifications, and the best contributions will be incorporated as quickly as possible.

The Store Machine development team is taking a new approach to open source cart software. We believe that the more working (and tested) features that are available as quickly as possible, the more everyone benefits.

Like many other cart projects, the developers make their living building shopping carts from open source software, but, we don't mind sharing all of our code, because we have benefited greatly from other people's code. Sure, lots of existing carts have publicly available contributions, modules and plugins, but we have found that even the best of the best community created features often take years to be built into the standard releases. Or, worse, individuals begin packaging their own versions of the free code and selling it.

Currently we are preparing to beta test and are looking to setup a beta team. Would you be interested in working on this project?

We will delegate different sections of the site and dictate some general procedures for each tester, and hope to spend about 4 weeks testing extensively, with reports about every 4 days.


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