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SynclairCMS is a new kind of content management system - it allows you to create a website simpler than ever before.

Want to create a blog? You got it! With SynclairCMS, it's super easy to create a blog.

Want your website to consist just of pages? Sure, why not? SynclairCMS makes it easy to do so.

Want to extend the core via the advanced hooks and plugins system? Go right ahead! It's throughly documented.

SynclairCMS is programmed in PHP, on the Kohana v3.0 framework (visit: http://www.kohanaphp.com for more info)

It aims to be secure, simple, and elegant in every way. It strives to be full of features, yet concise.

SynclairCMS, hopefully, will set the standard of website building to an new level.

SynclairCMS will launch a public beta in Q1 2010.


beta betacms blog blogsoftware cms cmsdeployment cms_systems mysql mysql5 mysqli php php5 web web20 webapp webservice website

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