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The TFEL library is a collaborative effort of the French Atomic Commission and √Člectricit√© de France. TFEL mostly includes the MFront code generator.

MFront is based on C++ and provides several domain specific languages which were designed to simplify the implementations of new material properties, mechanical behaviours and simple material models.

A particular focus was made on mechanical behaviours which are by essence more complex and may have significant impact on the numerical performances of mechanical simulations. For mechanical behaviours, MFront introduces interfaces for various finite element or FTT solvers (Cast3M, Code-Aster, ZeBuLoN, Abaqus Implicit/Explicit, Europlexus, AMITEX_FFT, etc..).


abaqus ansys behaviours c++ C++ calculix castem europlexus fem finiteelement high_performance_computing mechanical python umat usermat ZeBuLoN

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