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Analyzed 4 days ago. based on code collected 4 days ago.

36627632 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed best_analysis_id to 25138776

by The Ohloh Hamster Jul 25


36624941 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed best_analysis_id to 25136297

by The Ohloh Hamster Jul 24


36616401 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed best_analysis_id to 25128459

by The Ohloh Hamster Jul 21


36610535 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed best_analysis_id to 25123121

by The Ohloh Hamster Jul 17


36602820 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed best_analysis_id to 25116317

by The Ohloh Hamster Jul 13


36173830 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed best_analysis_id to 24689342

by The Ohloh Hamster Jul 01


36138785 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed best_analysis_id to 24661897

by The Ohloh Hamster May 26


34796655 - Project 'Thunderbird': Added license Mozilla Public License 2.0

by kekkyojin Nov 18, 2014


34574995 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed logo_id to 83351

by Josiah_Bruner Oct 27, 2014


33496298 - Project 'Thunderbird': Changed tag_list to bayesian email spam antisp...

by Matthieu Gautier Aug 23, 2014

Open Hub Edit History

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