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OverviewTryTrace is a diagnostics tool which facilitates you to see the trace output of your .NET application in real-time. This contains two components, viz TcpTraceListener & TraceMonitor

TcpTraceListener is the plug-in library which will route your trace out to the specified port. TraceMonitor is a simple TCP client which facilitates to see the trace output. Alternatively, you can always look at the trace output by making a telnet to the specified port.

Usage1.Copy TcpTraceListener and TraceMonitor to a directory, say C:\Temp

2.Register TcpTraceListener.dll to GAC if you need to share this among different applications in the system, by issuing gacutil command at Visual Studio command prompt.

gacutil –I C:\Temp\TcpTraceListener.dll

3.Add reference to TcpTraceListener.dll for the project you desire.

4.Add this to the list of trace listeners.

Param.TraceListener.TcpTraceListener objTcpTraceListener = new Param.TraceListener.TcpTraceListener(9090); System.Diagnostics.Trace.Listeners.Add(objTcpTraceListener);

5.Write trace/debug statements as usual.


6.Run TraceMonitor

7.Use toolbar to set IP & port to which it should connect for trace output.

default, its and 9090

8.Say Connect. And, here you go…

9.Alternatively, you can always use telnet.

Advantages1.You can see the trace output in real-time as it occurs.

2.Makes your life easy in debugging.

3.Multiple users can see the trace output of a single application and of course vice-versa.


csharp debug logging net network tcp trace

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