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Analyzed over 5 years ago. based on code collected about 7 years ago.

TwitterVB is a .NET library that is designed to allow desktop applications to communicate with Twitter.

TwitterVB Facts:

TwitterVB is 100% Visual Basic.NET code, implemented to be compatible with version 2.0 or higher of the .NET Framework. TwitterVB started out life as a port of the excellent Twitterizer library. I ported that library to C# and extended it. TwitterVB includes a working implementation of Twitter's OAuth authentication system, as well as Basic Authentication. TwitterVB is the library that drives Quitter, a Twitter client that runs in a command window. TwitterVB is a work in progress, and I welcome suggestions, feedback, issue reports, and code submissions.

Are You Using TwitterVB In Your Application?Let us know so we can link to your app! duane@getquitter.c


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