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...n Udriot says:
Powerful CMS !  
written over 10 years ago

TYPO3 is definitely a professional Content Management System. The possibilities are very wide.

- a lots of available extensions
- the ability to build easily multilanguage sites
- flexible permissions
- etc...

Learning TYPO3 is work... but that worth the investment in time

I recommend to start with templavoila that offers a flexible and very quick way to match any webdesign into the CMS !

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...n Sauter says:
Very powerful, but not easy to learn  
written over 10 years ago

TYPO3 is a very popular content management system. The large community (especially in Skandinavia and the German speaking countries) generates a huge amount of extensions (plug-ins, modules) to add functionality to the (already feature-rich) core system. Therefore you can build almost any type of website based on TYPO3, including community portals, shops, newsletter systems, image galleries or blogs. TYPO3 is more powerful and flexible than many commercial CMS products. On the other hand, its complex structure, feature richness and long history makes it hard to understand for CMS administrators or developers (not for content managers). Currently a team of developers is working on the next generation TYPO3 (called version 5): The aim of this project is to implement TYPO3 based on a modern PHP framework and using modern programming principles.

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bbqyee says:
Typo is far more complicated than i...  
written almost 8 years ago

I had tried twice or thrice, but gave up at last. It is too difficult to grasp for newbies. The steep learning curve has stopped so many people from grasping it.

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hphoeksma says:
Not outdated, securest OS CMS avail...  
written over 7 years ago

With an upfront opinion of over a year ago I can not resist to put that one down: TYPO3 v4 is a major upgrade and development releases are more frequently now then ever...

Yes, there is some 'old' code in need of rewriting - but this is been done at a very acceptable pace!

According to this[1] research, TYPO3 is the most secure OS CMS around.

With FLOW3 1st series of alpha phases we are looking towards some great and fun times with TYPO3/FLOW3 to come!

[1] http://www.cmsmatch.com/compare/content-management-systems/11%209%201462%2043

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xentar says:
Very powerfull CMS  
written almost 11 years ago

A powerfull content managment system, but also very complicated in the first steps with the realitions of the first projects. Im glad that i have started the work TYPO3, its a great content managment software, purpose-built for the writer of content.

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infield says:
The Best  
written about 8 years ago

Simply the best Open Source CMS.

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