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Project Summary

UlDunAd is a completely original RPG made entirely in python. The project's goal is to create a game that encompasses these main ideas.

* Both Keyboard input and Point and Click interface/menu system
* It will be easy to mod (adding new towns, races, and items will be a breeze!)
* All graphics will be custom made for the base game
* A fun, fast paced turn based battle system like classic RPGs
* A variety of weapons and armors!
* Go hunting for random enemy encounters or trudge through dungeons in search of treasures and foes

Fun and easy to play, simple to mod, completely free. That's what we're trying to get across with UlDunAd.


ccl free gnu moddable opensource python rpg uldunad

In a Nutshell, UlDunAd - Ultimate Dungeon Adventure...

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Feb 5 2018 — Mar 7 2018

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Mar 7 2017 — Mar 7 2018


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