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We here at UnityASAP, believe that unity is the goal of the modern church. Two thousand years ago an example was set by the first church of how to uplift and support one another.

Time is precious. Love is the most important commandment. We seek to unify the power of the Church in love, by giving them the opportunity to give their most precious of commodities, time, in service to both God, and the fellow man. We believe that by giving we enable God to bless our lives.

The software under development here will be free to all, and will maintain this vision of using technology to further the unity of the body of Christ.

Our first project, is a prayer network.

This application will be Client Server, with the primary server software being based on Python, and the primary client being a Web Client.

We would like to make the server side software a network similar to Napster in that there are central index servers, and organizations can run this software as a web server. The software would then register itself to the Global Index servers, which would maintain a list of lists.

Prayer requests would be entered into the server and locally filtered or handled by the organization, and then input onto the network, where it would be filtered, and cleaned up by volunteers, and then propagated throughout the world wide network. Prayer Warriors would receive a set number of prayer requests daily and would choose to pray for or ignore the request.

If they decide to ignore the request then it would be sent to a different warrior.

At some point we will decide how many Prayer Warriors are appropriate for the type of response needed based on the severity and impact of the prayer request.

A system of 7 priority levels on prayer requests is being developed, from the lowest priority request, discernment over an issue to the highest level 7 request, which would be such things as Global Warming, or Presidential Politics.

Higher priority requests would be sent to larger numbers of Prayer Warriors. The general population would only be able to enter prayer requests up to a certain level, the higher level requests would be reserved as a network emergency bulletin to get immediate action from as many Prayer Warriors as possible. For example say a disaster the likes of 9/11 were to happen, we would then push out a level 7 prayer request to the entire network to pray for the families, and to lift up the rescuers that were risking their lives.

The lower level requests would have instant feedback as Prayer Warriors signed on to pray for the request. For example, you have 145 Prayer Warriors engaged in spiritual battle for your request. As the Warriors join the battle, the number would go up. For this reason we want to have a mobile client for the iPhone that would allow more active interaction with the software while away from the computer.


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