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Analyzed 5 months ago. based on code collected 5 months ago.

Automatically translates urls all known domains of countries in your browser to english using google translator.

Currently supports up to 10 different languages

A plug-in for Firefox called Greasemonkey is required ( Greaesmonkey scripts should also work in other excellent open source browsers like Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Version History:

0.1 Support for .dk .fi .no

0.2 Support for .cn .es .jp .ru + fixed some minor bugs


Added functionality so the language translated into is automatically set to what the clients locale is Support for .fr (English) .se Fixed issue 4


Added functionality so that the original page first is not loaded and then after that the translated site is loaded Fixed issue 5


Added functionality so that the "auto detect"-from language feat. is used on everything else (all unknown domain names)


Some domains are overkill to translate .com etc (assuming we know English..) Added an addtional exception for auto (.nu domains)


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