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UrlCrazy is for the study of domainname typos / url hijacking.

It generates domainname typo permutations then tests them to learn if they are in use, estimates their popularity and more.

TYPES OF TYPOS SUPPORTEDCharacter Omission.These typos are created by leaving out a letter of the domain name, one letter at a time. For example, www.goole.com and www.gogle.com

Adjacent Character Swap.These typos are created by swapping the order of adjacent letters in the domain name. For example, www.googel.com and www.ogogle.com

Adjacent Character Replacement.These typos are created by replacing each letter of the domain name with letters to the immediate left and right on the keyboard. For example, www.googke.com and www.goohle.com

Adjacent Character Insertion.These typos are created by inserting letters to the immediate left and right on the keyboard of each letter. For example, www.googhle.com and www.goopgle.com

Missing Dot.These typos are created by omitting a dot from the domainname. For example, wwwgoogle.com and www.googlecom

Strip Dashes.These typos are created by omitting a dash from the domainname. For example, www.domain-name.com becomes www.domainname.com

Singular or Pluralise.These typos are created by making a singular domain plural and vice versa. For example, www.google.com becomes www.googles.com and www.trademe.co.nz becomes www.trademes.co.nz

DOMAIN TESTSIs the domain valid?UrlCrazy has a database of valid top level and second level domains. This information has been compiled from wikipedia and domain registrars. We know whether a domain is valid by checking if it matches toplevel and second level domains. For example, www.trademe.co.bz is a valid domain in Belize which allows any second level domain registrations but www.trademe.xo.nz isn't because xo.nz isn't an allowed second level domain in New Zealand.

Popularity EstimateWe can estimate the relative popularity of a typo by measuring how often that typo has been made on webpages. Querying cuil.com for the number of search results for a typo gives us a indication of how popular a typo is.

The drawback of this approach is that you need to manually identify and omit legitimate domains such as googles.com

For example, consider the following typos for google.com.

QuantityTypo 25424 gogle.com 24031 googel.com 22490 gooogle.com 19172 googles.com 19148 goole.com 18855 googl.com 17842 ggoogle.com 16490 googe.com 16367 googgle.com 15029 google.cm 14773 gogole.com 13227 googlle.com 11646 googlee.com 11345 googlr.com 7417 foogle.com 6132 hoogle.com 5313 googlw.com 5208 giogle.com 5151 googke.com 4838 goigle.com 4662 ogogle.com 4630 gopgle.com 4415 goofle.com 4118 wwwgoogle.com 3894 goohle.com 3399 gooigle.com 2675 gfoogle.com 1942 googlecom.com 1534 gopogle.com 1356 googfle.com 1089 googhle.com 892 googlew.com 747 googlke.com 618 goiogle.com 614 goopgle.com 413 ghoogle.com 341 goolge.com 232 googler.com 228 gpogle.com

IP AddressIf the typo domainname is in use Urlcrazy displays the IP it resolves to. An IP repeating for multiple typos or IPs in a close range shows common ownership. For example, gogle.com, gogole.com and googel.com all resolve to which is owned by Google.

COUNTRY CODE DATABASEhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top-level_domain http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country_code_top-level_domain http://www.iana.org/domains/root/db/ Some 2nd level domains here SEE ALSOhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Typos http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Typo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typosquatting http://research.microsoft.com/csm/strider/ Strider is tool with similar aims and is produced by Microsoft INSTALLATIONUrlCrazy requires ruby. If you are using Ubuntu or Debian try:

$ sudo apt-get install ruby.

Don't install this, instead execute it from it's own folder.

CREDITSAuthored by Andrew Horton (urbanadventurer) horton.nz {at-nospam} gmail.

Thanks to Ruby on Rails for Inflector which allowing plural and singular permutations.

USAGEurlcrazy generates and tests domainname typo permutations to study typo squatting / url hijacking.

Typo types :
Character Omission, Adjacent Character Swap, Adjacent Character Replacement, Adjacent
Character Insertion, Missing Dot, Strip Dashes, Singular or Pluralise.

-p, --no-popularity Do not check popularity (default : check)
-r, --no-resolve Do not resolve domain names (default : check)
EXAMPLESExample usage:
./urlcrazy google.com

#Please wait ... generating typo's for google.com
Domain Typo Type Typo Valid? sld.tld Popularity IP
google.com Character Omission gogle.com y com 25424
google.com Character Omission googe.com y com 16490
google.com Character Omission googl.com y com 18855
google.com Character Omission google.cm y cm 15029
google.com Character Omission google.co n
google.com Character Omission google.om n
google.com Character Omission googlecom n
google.com Character Omission goole.com y com 19148
google.com Character Swap gogole.com y com 14773
google.com Character Swap googel.com y com 24031
google.com Character Swap googl.ecom n
google.com Character Swap google.cmo n
google.com Character Swap google.com y com 391796369
google.com Character Swap google.ocm n
google.com Character Swap googlec.om n
google.com Character Swap goolge.com y com 341
google.com Character Swap ogogle.com y com 4662
google.com Character Replacement foogle.com y com 7417
google.com Character Replacement giogle.com y com 5208
google.com Character Replacement goigle.com y com 4838
google.com Character Replacement goofle.com y com 4415
google.com Character Replacement googke.com y com 5151
google.com Character Replacement google.cim n
google.com Character Replacement google.con n
google.com Character Replacement google.cpm n
google.com Character Replacement google.vom n
google.com Character Replacement google.xom n
google.com Character Replacement googlr.com y com 11345
google.com Character Replacement googlw.com y com 5313
google.com Character Replacement goohle.com y com 3894
google.com Character Replacement gopgle.com y com 4630
google.com Character Replacement gpogle.com y com 228
google.com Character Replacement hoogle.com y com 6132
google.com Character Insertion gfoogle.com y com 2675
google.com Character Insertion ggoogle.com y com 17842
google.com Character Insertion ghoogle.com y com 413
google.com Character Insertion goiogle.com y com 618
google.com Character Insertion googfle.com y com 1356
google.com Character Insertion googgle.com y com 16367
google.com Character Insertion googhle.com y com 1089
google.com Character Insertion google..com y com 102408
google.com Character Insertion google.ccom n
google.com Character Insertion google.coim n
google.com Character Insertion google.comm n
google.com Character Insertion google.comn n
google.com Character Insertion google.coom n
google.com Character Insertion google.copm n
google.com Character Insertion google.cvom n
google.com Character Insertion google.cxom n
google.com Character Insertion googlee.com y com 11646
google.com Character Insertion googler.com y com 232
google.com Character Insertion googlew.com y com 892
google.com Character Insertion googlke.com y com 747
google.com Character Insertion googlle.com y com 13227
google.com Character Insertion gooigle.com y com 3399
google.com Character Insertion gooogle.com y com 22490
google.com Character Insertion goopgle.com y com 614
google.com Character Insertion gopogle.com y com 1534
google.com Missing Dot googlecom.com y com 1942
google.com Missing Dot wwwgoogle.com y com 4118
google.com Strip Dashes google.com y com 391796369
google.com Singular or Pluralise googles.com y com 19172

Example 2.

#Please wait ... generating typo's for anz.co.nz
Domain Typo Type Typo Valid? sld.tld Popularity IP
anz.co.nz Character Omission an.co.nz y co.nz 42
anz.co.nz Character Omission anz.c.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Omission anz.co.n n
anz.co.nz Character Omission anz.co.z n
anz.co.nz Character Omission anz.conz n
anz.co.nz Character Omission anz.o.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Omission anzco.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Omission az.co.nz y co.nz 2
anz.co.nz Character Swap an.zco.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Swap anz.c.onz n
anz.co.nz Character Swap anz.co.zn n
anz.co.nz Character Swap anz.con.z n
anz.co.nz Character Swap anz.oc.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Swap anzc.o.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Swap azn.co.nz y co.nz 0
anz.co.nz Character Swap naz.co.nz y co.nz 5
anz.co.nz Character Replacement abz.co.nz y co.nz 0
anz.co.nz Character Replacement amz.co.nz y co.nz 3
anz.co.nz Character Replacement anx.co.nz y co.nz 0
anz.co.nz Character Replacement anz.ci.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Replacement anz.co.bz y bz 0
anz.co.nz Character Replacement anz.co.mz y co.mz 0
anz.co.nz Character Replacement anz.co.nx n
anz.co.nz Character Replacement anz.cp.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Replacement anz.vo.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Replacement anz.xo.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Replacement snz.co.nz y co.nz 31
anz.co.nz Character Insertion aanz.co.nz y co.nz 1
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anbz.co.nz y co.nz 0
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anmz.co.nz y co.nz 0
anz.co.nz Character Insertion annz.co.nz y co.nz 7
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz..co.nz y co.nz 70
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.cco.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.co..nz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.co.nbz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.co.nmz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.co.nnz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.co.nzx n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.co.nzz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.coi.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.coo.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.cop.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.cvo.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anz.cxo.nz n
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anzx.co.nz y co.nz 0
anz.co.nz Character Insertion anzz.co.nz y co.nz 0
anz.co.nz Character Insertion asnz.co.nz y co.nz 3
anz.co.nz Missing Dot anz.conz n
anz.co.nz Missing Dot anzco.nz n
anz.co.nz Missing Dot wwwanz.co.nz y co.nz 0
anz.co.nz Strip Dashes anz.co.nz y co.nz 52
anz.co.nz Singular or Pluralise anzs.co.nz y co.nz 0


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