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"Where's my url dammit"

A "lost+found" service for URLs.

A possible use case...

At time X, when you serve a status 200 URL, using a row of data you got from your db and you notify urldammit (tell it the URL and some keywords).

Then at time Y, someone deletes the row from the db and creates a new row with similar data.

Finaly at time Z, someone (e.g. thanks to google) requests the URL served at time X but it's now 404 - you ask urldammit what it knows - it tells you it was once a 200 and gives the keywords you stored at that time - you then use the keywords to issue a search on your site for similar content.


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In a Nutshell, urldammit...

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May 18 2019 — Jun 17 2019

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Jun 17 2018 — Jun 17 2019


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