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VataviaMap comes in two versions: Desktop and MobileFeatures in Both Versions

Choice of map service (OpenStreetMap, Yahoo! Maps, Virtual Earth) Displays GPS tracks from .gpx files Displays points of interest such as geocaches from .gpx or .loc files After viewing an area once, caching makes viewing that same area again very fast Pan by dragging map or arrow keys Find buddies who are uploading their positions Multi-threaded so user interface remains responsive while downloading maps

VataviaMap Desktop

Download latest executable This is not a package, just download and run. (requires .Net framework version 2.0 or later.)

Designed for use on desktop or laptop computers with mouse or trackpad Zoom with scroll wheel or Zoom menu Open .gpx or .loc files by dragging files onto map or File/Add Layer menu Automatically pan and zoom to extents of new layer Save current view as .png Open web browser with OpenStreetMap zoomed to current location Open JOSM (OpenStreetMap editor) with current .gpx file(s) Developed and tested on Windows TODO: test on MacOS X via Mono TODO: test on Linux via Mono

VataviaMap Mobile

Download latest CAB installer Designed for Windows Mobile 5 or 6 devices. Can record cell tower ID on devices with active GSM phone Devices with access to a GPS can use GPS Features: Current position can be marked on the map Map can be scrolled automatically to keep current position in view Track of journey can be recorded to .gpx file Can send current position to a web site Tested devices: Developed using AT&T Tilt Tested on AT&T Fuze (high screen resolution makes map details smaller) Test results on other devices are welcome The barcode below leads to the mobile installer. Point your mobile browser at www.i-nigma.mobi to get a free barcode reader.

Source Code

All source code is available as open source. VataviaMap is written using VB.Net. Most code is shared between both versions.

VataviaMap Desktop is developed using the free Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition.

VataviaMap Mobile is developed with Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition. Express Edition will not work. Also required is the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK for Smartphone downloadable from Microsoft

GPS_API is a C# library used to provide GPS and other Windows Mobile functions. GPS_API is based on example code from Microsoft named Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Samples.Location. The GPS Intermediate Driver, introduced in Windows Mobile 5, is used. This driver allows sharing of a GPS by multiple applications. A big change would be needed to support GPS devices that cannot be accessed through the intermediate driver.

This project was formerly hosted on the MapWindow svn server under the name OSM_VBnet. Versions before 17 May 2009 may still be found there.


openstreetmap location mobile loc buddy geocaching geocache gpx osm gps

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