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VFS is a filesystem that let's you manage ALL you files. Not just those on disk, all of them! All your data, also the data on tape, inside tar files an data on CD can be added to your VFS directory whithout the need to copy all the files to your harddisk.
From a technical point of view, VFS ia a database solution that simulates an odinary directory structure. Just that wouldn't make much sense but this aproach enables some nice and very usefull features while maintaining the simplicity of a directory structure.
So VSF is a Database oriented filesystem. You are not working in a directory structure on disk but you are looking at a database that reperents itself as a directory structure.
I am a a strong supporter of open source, for users of freely available operating systems such as most Linux and BSD versions, VFS is, and will always bee free.
I may, in the future, apply other rules to comercially driven operating systems.



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