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IntroductionWTL and WinxGUI addin for eVC4/VS60/VS2003/VS2005/VS2008/VCExpress

CppSupport plugin for Qt Creator 1.3.x

ProjectsCppSupport plguin: Class View plugin for Qt Creator

WTL ClassWizard: Message Notify Command DialogResize DDX/DDV UpdateUI DialogFont

WTL AppWizard: Generic AppWizard for WTL Project (for VS60/2003/2005/2008)

WinxGUI ClassWizard: Event Notify Command DialogResize DDX/DDV UpdateUI DialogFont

FAQHow to get VisualFC?

Download zipped packages from following sites:


Svn for WTL and WinxGUI addin



Git for CppSupport plugin


How to get help?

visualfc bolg : http://blog.csdn.net/visualfc/

visualfc email: visualfc at gmail.com

NewsAdd CppSupport for Qt Creator 1.3.x: 2010-1-21CppSupport Plugin 1.3.x for Qt Creator

CppSupport is a QtCreator Plugin for C++ Class View Downlods: http://code.google.com/p/visualfc/downloads/list Git source url http://gitorious.org/~visualfc/qt-creator/qt-creator-cppsupport git://gitorious.org/~visualfc/qt-creator/qt-creator-cppsupport.git branch: cppsupport cppsupport-1.3.1 cppsupport-1.3.0

Modify CodeBlocks codecompletion: 2009-11-9 supper macro parser template <> class parser fix class member method , sample MyClass::onTest(int i) == MyClass::onTest(int k) http://code.google.com/p/visualfc/downloads/list
VisualFC 0.8RC2 released: 2009-5-18http://code.google.com/p/visualfc/downloads/list
Compatible for Window7 VisualFC 0.8RC1 released: 2009-3-22http://code.google.com/p/visualfc/downloads/list
Add VFCTools for VS2005/VS2008/VCExpress WTLAppWizard2 RC1 released: 2009-1-20http://code.google.com/p/visualfc/downloads/list
VisualFC v0.80.06 for eVC4 released: 2008-9-4http://code.google.com/p/visualfc/downloads/list
VisualFC v0.80.0610 released: 2008-7-8http://code.google.com/p/visualfc/downloads/list
VisualFC v0.80.0601 released! 2008-6-3http://sf.net/projects/visualfc
VisualFC v0.80beta1 released! 2008-4-28http://sf.net/projects/visualfc
AppWizard v0.2 released! 2008-4-1http://sf.net/projects/visualfc
VisualFC 0.75 released! 2007-12-12VisualFC 0.72 released! 2007-12-03


appwizard classwizard evc iup lua qt qtc qtcreator vcexpress visualfc vs2003 vs2005 vs2008 vs60 wtl

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