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Analyzed over 5 years ago. based on code collected over 6 years ago.

vkgrup is CLI utility for uploading graphical image files to as graffities to the walls of VKontakte users or clubs(groups).

Project has been moved to BitBucket:


handy and flexible command-line interface; sending images to users and clubs(groups); support of cookies (you don't have to enter your password every time you send a pic);

Future functionality:

list your friends; display recipient's name;

InstallationWiki page for Windows users: InstallationAndUsingInOSWindows. Linux users can just use program after extracting files from archive. UsageSend picture: [-u login] [-t id|-g id] image.png Using cookie: -c cookiename [-t id|-g id] image.png Save cookie: -s [-u login] cookiename Cookies are stored in following files: ~/.vkgrup/.cookie

Run Options-h, --help: Help message -v, --version: Print program's version -u, --user : Specify VKontakte user mail address for login -t, --to-user : ID of recipient (user) -g, --to-group : ID of recipient (group) -c, --cookie : Use saved cookie instead of authorizing -s, --save-cookie: Save cookie to a file RecommendationsSend images in PNG format and size of 586px by 293px.


In a Nutshell, vkgrup...


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