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Command line and graphical address book written in Python. Development is still in its early stages but all are welcome to test and provide feedback!

NewsDec 11, 2008 - Changes!

Only one change - I have switched to Mercurial and Bitbucket for my source control and hosting needs. The project is now hosted here: http://www.bitbucket.org/vansmith/volturnus/

Apr. 10 2008 - Volturnus v2

That's right, version 2. Version 2 is not so much an update but a remake. The GUI code and the associated CLI code have been moved into the volturnus_v1/ folder for "storage". The GUI will be maintained by Richard and I will work exclusively on v2 which will be CLI focused. Thus, the project focus is now, like it was in the beginning, focused on producing a CLI address book first and then a GUI if time permits. Version 2 does not denote much new in terms of functions or concepts. The v2 code is a rewrite of v1 code as I thought the v1 code was getting a little sloppy and I saw it easier to rewrite than cleanup. In the beginning, v2 will look a lot like v1 (as v2 will be based off of v1) but it will shift dramatically as I clean up the code. In other words, it's not a rewrite from scratch. The lookup now doesn't depend on an exact match - if you are looking for "Smith" you don't have to search Smith, you can search "smi" or "ith" for instance. This was only a minor fix but will be one of many to come. I am hoping v2 will provide the base for a stable release. You may also notice that you input "commands" now to interact with contacts. For instance, if you want to delete a contact, you don't choose option "b", you would type "del". As a frequent user of the CLI in Linux, I appreciate commands as opposed to simply letters. There is a new snapshot available for download. It is revision 106.

Feb. 8 2008 - GUI design done

The design for the GUI is done. All focus now will be on cleaning up the code and fixing all outstanding errors.

Jan. 18 2008 - New Features and Snapshot

It's been a while but I did much less with the program over the Christmas season than I had intended (in fact, I think I did nothing). Included with this snapshot (r65) is a new import/export feature that allows you to export your db so you can import it elsewhere. The new features lack comments right now but those will be added shortly. I'm more interested to see if the code works. There are still some issues with the add and delete names if someone chooses not to enter details (pushes esc). The program will not quit but errors will be reported. I want the code to be clean so these are the next priority.


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