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This is an example project that uses Warp Persist and JPA to save application data. There is NO webapp integration, this is a simple console example and should serve as a decent starting point for back-end Guice applications that need to persist data.

There are 3 examples:

1) Dynamic Finders: This abstracts the finders to a DAO layer and uses warp's dynamic queries.

2) Named Queries: This uses the injected entity manager directly within the managers to retrieve and persist data.

3) Domain Driven Design: This uses domain driven design and places the database access methods right into the model (domain) classes themselves. This still needs some work.

Eclipse was used as the IDE to develop these and the .project and .classpath files are included. The easiest way to view the samples is to checkout the root and import the project into eclipse. You will need to set a classpath variable for the root lib directory though: WARP_SAMPLES_LIB=../lib

All 3 applications are identical in functionality.

Let me know if there are any other Guice + warp-persist examples you would like to see.

-- Dave


In a Nutshell, warp-persist-sample...



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