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Simply put, WifiMapper helps you log wireless networks with a GPS which can be mapped and analyzed.

WifiMapper is a powerful tool. Coupled with a GPS reciever, it is very useful in finding the networks in a particular area. Run the program while driving and you can essentially find all the networks you drive by. This data can be mapped using a mapping program.

Features include:

Single Snapshot - Take a single reading with GPS coordinates. Recording Mode - WifiMapper will scan every few seconds as you walk or drive around. Once your done, the results can be parsed and processed. Pinpoint device location - The more you scan an area, the more precise the location of the wireless device can be found. Eventually, you will have 99% signal strength and determining the location will be easier. The first release will be in the fall of 2009. Email the creator for more information.


c finder hotspot map mapper net scanner wifi windows

In a Nutshell, wifimapper...

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