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Analyzed 4 months ago.

The WinWorm project strives to create a client/server application to ease administrative workloads by allowing complete control of all Windows workstations or servers that an administrator might need to control remotely.

The idea behind WinWorm is an all inclusive helpdesk application that will allow remote control, chat and private networking.

To accomplish these tasks, WinWorm will be able to control VNC for Remote Desktop functionality, OpenVPN for private networking, and Jabber for a chat server to allow administrator/helpdesk professional to chat with endusers.

This project hopes to allow one or many administrators total control of their managed networks.

WinWorm has a semi-dubious name and has no relation to any computer virus or worm. Its intentions are completly honor


 Code locations have been removed since last analysis

At one point, Open Hub analyzed source code for this project based on code location(s) available at that time. Since then, the code locations have been removed.

In a Nutshell, WinWorm...


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