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Main WebInterfaceTools (WITs) component:

- CONTROLLER: is stateful object used to manage the user interaction. It is a placeholder of data to be used by the pages presented to the user. A Controller is composed one or more pages (see TabManager below), each page making use of fields to store inputs and manage form presentation. Controllers also gives you support for redirection and can contain specific objects for fields validation. Developers shoul subclass from BasicController (a one page controller) or from MultiPartController (multiple page controller) for their own controllers.

- WIDGET: it's an object that supports data storing and presentation. Should be used as a Controller component. Implemented widgets include simple input (text and numbers), datetime input, select list fields and checkboxes.

- TABMANAGER: it's used for nanvigating (throuh tabs) the pages of a multi-page controller. It keeps track the last visited tab and manages the redirection to another controller page.

- PRESENTATION: it's an object to be used between the domain-object and its rendering. Decoupling the domain-object from its rendering allows for a versatile reuse of data fetching methods. Once created and structured with Sections, a presentation should be filled by the domain-object, and then used in your rendering code (to screen, printing, DB dumping, and so on).

- BATCHMANAGER: allows you to batch any list of results. It has to be fed with the whole results and then you can get out your results batch over batch.


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