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Wm/run has functionality traditionally found in terminal emulators and shells. It allows the user to input commands, and executes those commands using the Inferno shell. It is similar in functionality to Inferno's wm/sh, but different in the following respects:

- it doesn't pretend i/o of the shell, and programs started by the shell, are part of the same textsoup. instead, it keeps the i/o (internally) separate and lets you navigate earlier commands and their i/o.
- Del kills the program currently running
- file name completion with tab
- vi-like command-line editing and history (similar to openbsd's pdksh)
- different colors for commands, input and output

Wm/run is written in Limbo, for Inferno.


inferno limbo shell terminal

In a Nutshell, wmrun...

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