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manasi says:
Very very good blogging software  
written almost 9 years ago

I have written several blogs now, I started on blogger and did not like their approach, I tried several others and did not find what I wanted. Along came Wordpress 2.3, I have been a fan ever since. Very usable, and easily customized, hundreds of different templates and things to add into your blog. Security can be done as there are some security conscious folks that have now developed some very nice widgets to help in the security aspect. Easy to install, upgrade and change as needed. Excellent product, and yes it proves you can get something for 0 cost...except time.

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...Johnston says:
Used on CMS Critic  
written about 8 years ago

We use WordPress on CMS Critic.com. It's a great piece of software and still one of the best blogging platforms to date. Definitely rates high in my books and would highly recommend it as both a CMS and Blog

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... of Life says:
Well Established with Great Support  
written over 5 years ago

Wordpress is well supported and well established. The popularity for the project is extremely high, which is great for finding plugins and addons, and getting support for just about anything you can dream up. However, a mediocre API encourages too much randomness in plugins allowing for security and major performance issues with many plugins. Even many popular plugins have major performance implications. A caching system is a must with a Wordpress system, staying up to date is also crucial as there are numerous security vulnerabilities appearing often.

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...Siddiqui says:
Wordpress is Best Ever in last 10 y...  
written over 3 years ago

I am using WordPress from last 10 years installing, customizing, plugin development. I really love to work on it really powerful and flexible and easy to program.

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Darrell Ulm says:
WordPress is fast and well supported.  
written 7 months ago

Wordpress is fast, flexible, well supported and many developers know plug-in development for it.

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dianev says:
Wordpress makes websites easy to do!  
written 6 months ago

Our family switched to WordPress in the middle 2000's. Even then it made producing websites easier. Additionally it's able to be customized. It looks good, and my daughter and oldest son swear by it. Millions of people and organizations swear by it as well. The fact that it is open software is the best. That way, everyone can have their own website and/or blog, with anything on they want - total free speech and total free access; that's real freedom of speech, a commodity that seems to be getting in short supply around our little planet.

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myfreeweb says:
written about 8 years ago

I like the cool admin interface, the API and other things, but it's really buggy.
And it's PHP.

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...epenning says:
Fairly powerful; a bit too much work  
written about 10 years ago

I see a lot of very nice WordPress blogs. Mine was never so nice, as I found it to be considerably more work than I expected to do such things as swap in a new skin. The WP version upgrade process totally whipped me, though, and I am now no longer a WP user.

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...r Rintel says:
Avoid it as much as you can  
written about 10 years ago

From security standpoint there are not many choices worse than WordPress.

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