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Words Reminder (Odpytywacz Słówek) - Version 1.6 Available Now (02.09.2008)!!!Words Reminder can help if you study a foreign language and need something to remind you of the words you just learned, but are about to forget. The program is very small, stays on top of the screen, does not bother you at work, and continuously takes a random word from your dictionary and displays it, asking you to enter the translation. If you do not enter the translation, after several seconds the program will show it to you itself, wait a few seconds so that you can remember it, and then ask you another word.

The dictionary you can create and extend yourself, it is just a text file using the following format:

word = translation
another word = another translation; yet another translationThe UTF8 encoding is used by default, in order to properly display characters from different languages. However there is an option to change it to Windows1250.

The program is 100% clean of any ads, malware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. You can find Softpedia certificate here: http://www.softpedia.com/progClean/Words-Reminder-Clean-68308.html

Version 1.6 just posted. You can minimize program to system tray, and make it show discrete hints.Version 1.5.0 just posted. You can now right-click a word in the history to mark it as "already-learnt", so that it is not displayed in the program. Normal (left) click still does the same - adds the word to the "hard to remember words" list.I will be very happy to hear what you think about my program and its features. If you have some idea what improvements could be done to make it better, please also let me know: jacek.kolezynski@gmail.com. Thanks!!!RequirementsYou will need Java 1.5 (at least) in order to run this program. You can run it on any platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS...

LicenseThis program is free software licensed under the GPL license. But if you use it, and you like it, please send me a card or an e-mail: jacek.kolezynski@gmail.com

MoreIf you want to join me to extend the program, or to extend the spanish-polish dictionary (or create any other dictionary), please let me know: jacek.kolezynski@gmail.com. Please also write if you have any comments to the program, proposals of new functionalities, or you have seen a bug in it.


ScreenshotsScreenshot 1 (folded):

Screenshot 2 (unfolded):

Screenshot 3 (extended question):

Screenshot 4 (sentence question):

Screenshot 4 (file menu):

Screenshot 5 (options menu):

Screenshot 6 (history):


AuthorJacek Koleżyński, Kraków, Poland


dictionary free java language learn odpytywacz polish program remind reminder spanish study tool vocabulary words

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