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Project Summary

WoWFront is a web frontend for the MaNGOS MMORPG server, featuring a frontend for the users, as well as an administration panel with lots of features for the administrators and game masters.

The project is being run by the GamerzWoW World of Warcraft private server, the official WoW server of the GamerzPlanet gaming community.

The project is aiming to replicate the functions of the official Blizzard webpage, but not the layout. We're aiming to use our own layout instead. Furthermore, layout can be easily customized, as the frontend uses the Smarty template engine.

NOTE: WoWFront has been closed due to the developer (XTZGZoReX) not having time for it. If you want to continue WoWFront, however, you can contact him on the GamerzWoW forums.


emu emulator frontend mangos mmorpg mysql of php server smarty warcraft web world worldofwarcraft wow

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