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J2SE 2 1.4.2 does not offer a way to globally turn anti aliasing
on with Swing components. This has been discussed many times and lot of people
want to be able to turn
AA in their application. J2SE 5 makes it possible as explained here and here. However
this does not appear to be as an official API, it makes use of a class in com.sun.java.swing which
has the comment "You should not rely on this class even existing",
finally the Request For Enhancement (RFE) asking for the ability to globally
turn anti aliasing on is still

Anyway, let's say the issue is solved with J2SE 5. What about
applications running with J2SE 2? Will they benefit from an update with this
new (hidden) functionality?
This project is an attempt to provide one more solution to
this issue.
The origins of the project are detailed in this article.

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