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WsgiDAV is a generic WebDAV server written in Python and based on WSGI.

In fact, WsgiDAV is a refactored version of PyFileServer written by Ho Chun Wei.
I started this as an exploration on how to publish virtual structures, and to learn about WSGI and WebDAV.
See the change log for a list of main changes.

Usage> easy_install -U wsgidav
> wsgidav --host= --port=80 --root=/tmpSee also running WsgiDAV.

If you want to participate, check it out from the repository:

> hg clone https://wsgidav.googlecode.com/hg/ wsgidav
> cd wsgidav
> setup.py develop
> wsgidav --helpPython 2.4 or later is required.

More infoPlease read the documentation for details.

Any kind of feedback is very welcome!
Have fun :-)

moogle (at-sign) wwwendt.de


python server webdav wsgi

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