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There have been several attempts in the SharePoint community to provide a cross site lookup column that enables you to link one item to another. This is “yet another attempt” except its focus is on propagating meta data about the link, rather than the link itself. The scenario is actually quite common (or at least I have found it so), you want to provide a simple reference link for a customer to “tag” an item with but at the same time you want to be able to search about all the things that the tag might represent. For example suppose you have a list in SharePoint that describes your products, you have a product code (usually a part number or code) a product name (usually some text) and a product description (usually more verbose text). You also have list someplace in SharePoint with FAQs about products or RMA’s or similar container. When you enter the FAQ you want to select the product code it relates to. Assuming that there are more products than you can memorize you need a way to search them and find the right one. Further when you search the FAQ’s you may want to search for items by description or other related information. Clearly the standard SharePoint lookup list does not work well here, it’s not cross site, it does not allow you to “search” and it only maintains a link based on the lookup field you select. This project attempts to solve this problem in a generic way by providing a cross site searchable lookup link and by leveraging the SharePoint SPField.RelatedField functionality for containing the text of related links.


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