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XBAT - Extensible Bioacoustic ToolThe XBAT project aims to extend MATLAB to facilitate interactive and large-scale sound analysis (of recordings lasting many hours, days, or weeks) as well as the efficient integration and reuse of community contributions (decreasing plugin development times from days to hours or minutes).

The design of XBAT models typical stages in the sound analysis process. The extensible architecture allows the basic components to be interchanged and share a common infrastructure.

Users can access and visualize sounds, browse and search for salient events, and annotate and measure events. Developers can quickly create easy-to-use extensions with a powerful plug-in architecture.

XBAT has been developed in collaboration with conservation scientists and animal communication researchers at the Bioacoustics Research Program of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

It was designed to satisfy the diverse sound analysis needs of scientists who deal with large-scale data sets from both marine and terrestrial environments.


audio bioacoustics flac matlab mp3 signal-detection signal-processing

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