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XFC is a Java Swing based application framework. It is designed to implement the plumbing of an application, freeing developers up to concentrate on their domain specific functionality. XFC stands for eXtended Foundation Classes, ala JFC, IFC, …

XFC is currently at version 0.5.1. There will almost certainly be API changes as we work towards a 1.0 release. However, even in a pre-release state it provides enough functionality that developers should consider using it when starting new Swing applications.

XFC is currently targeted at Java 1.4. As adoption of Java 5 increases (particularly on the Mac platform) we'll consider moving to that version.

Driving IdeasSimplicity and ease of use. A smaller API is better. Usability. encoding usability concerns into the framework. Best of breed. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we use the best of breed libraries where available. XFC Components3rd Party LibrariesScreen Shots



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Jul 1 2015 — Jul 31 2015

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Jul 31 2014 — Jul 31 2015



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